There is no official test which corresponds to a Montessori curriculum. We, therefore, give our “cosmic education” lessons and “plant as many seeds as possible” during the 3 – year cycle of lower elementary. Along with these lessons, we give conventional ones – so that at the end of the 3 – year cycle each student will be able to take a standard test. Tests are given in 2nd grade also – to assess progress and to practice for the 3rd grade one. We expect each child to have strengths and weaknesses which we promote and address respectively. Third and fourth graders are given the AIMS and Stanford tests. All students passed or exceeded every area of the spring 2012 AIMS test. The Stanford 10 results revealed the prowess and aptitude of each student: all registering above grade level in various skill areas. Test results are available for viewing during tours upon request. Our goal in teaching is to have each student become responsible for his/her own learning and to pursue special interests while mastering conventional concepts.